The ultimate nail tech community for passionate technicians who want to attract MORE CLIENTS, deliver a great customer experience and make more money.

Learn everything you need to confidently attract a regular loyal clientele and ensure your business is the most recommended in your area.  

The number one reason businesses FAIL is because they do not have enough clients to make it financially viable. 

​These quick and easy steps I am going to share with you are the exact measures I took to build my
multi 6 figure salon in just over 12 months.

I can't recommend Carly and her training highly enough. Finally an educator who gets directly to the point and makes  sure you understand what she is talking about.  


Your direct approach is like a breath of fresh air. 


Running a highly profitable business isn't hard. 

You have what it takes to make it happen. 
You just need some guidance from someone who has walked the path before you to show you what works and help you get there.

You're probably feeling really frustrated right now


Everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing.

However, you're doing everything you can think of to make this work. 

Doubt is starting to creep in and your family just doesn't get it. 

You're trying to do EVERYTHING right.

You’re even spending hours practising, cause you’re convinced it must be your work that's the problem. 

And still. You have No Clients 🤯

At this point you are probably about ready  to give up. 

So what now?

You can sit there feeling sorry for yourself, post photos in Facebook groups of your work again in the hopes someone can give you the miracle cure, and pray that new clients will magically find you...

...or you can get help.

Just make sure you're opting for the kind of help that will give you results.


    • Another YouTube video recommendation - 

      which you don’t need because you’ve already watched  plenty, and they’re no more useful than the last one.

    • A bunch of random “tips” from a group of peers - who probably have no idea what they are doing either and are simply regurgitating the same tips they were given that don't help. 

    • An expensive recommendation for ANOTHER system- which you don’t need because you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on the systems you already have. .


    • A comprehensive understanding of WHY clients should choose you - Everything you need in one place. Something that explains everything and never makes you feel confused.

    • A simple step by step action plan - You don't need to reinvent the wheel here. Know exactly what to do, how to do it and WHY you need to do it to achieve the financial results you desire. 

    • A carefully created vault of easy to follow business lessons and templates  - Tested, refined, PROVEN to work. Something that gets you tangible, rapid results when you implement them.


    • Being able to attract as many new clients you want

    • Never ever wondering if your going to be able to pay rent this month

    • Having clients who pay you what you are worth and value your time just as much as theirs

    • Developing the skills and confidence to be able to raise your prices

    • Fixing a few mistakes you are currently making and having your confidence and referrals begin to soar. 

    What would that do for your family? What would that do for your confidence? What would it do for your business profitability

    It's pretty cool how this could be  your new reality in no time at all.


    EASY step by step lessons that will build your technical skills and boost your confidence once and for all.

    Each week there will be either a critique session, live training or template given to help you get new customers FAST. 

    Everything you need to propel your business forward and finally make your nail career the success you always hoped it would be. 

    For beginner and experienced  nail technicians who want to  attract loyal regular clients and create quality consistent nails. 

    Join a community of passionate nail techs who no  longer waste their time, money and sanity constantly trying to guess how to make their business a success. 

    Carly is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and very approachable. Since joining her course I've really enjoyed the outlay and information provided. Before I was lost and felt embarrassed and was willing to give up. With a chat and encouragement I signed up and now have my enthusiasm back and can't wait to say I did it. So many thank yous for believing in me.



    I cannot recommend Carly enough!

    She is absolutely incredible in every single way, always going out of her way to help and make sure you get the best advice to make you great at what you do


    Want Results Like This?

    Even when COVID shut me down for 6 months in 2020 and I moved

    the business back home I still cracked $85k working 3 days a week.


    The 2K Club is the perfect fit for you if:

    • You are a total and complete newbie in the world of nails. 

      You’re in the best position possible. You get to start right, save yourself years of headache, and set yourself apart from  all the other techs around you! 

    • You want your nails to be consistent but don't know where to start

      Each month you are invited to participate in a critique session that allows you to submit your work to learn exactly how you can improve. 


    • You're struggling to find clients 

      It feels like nothing you do seems to work. You post in groups, share your work and may have even tried paid advertising but still crickets. 

      Stop struggling and use the PROVEN templates to bring in new clients fast.

    • Everyone around you is so cheap how can you compete? 

      If everyone else in your area is charging ridiculously low amounts then by charging more you are naturally going to attract the clients who want something different.

      It was the key to my SUCCESS and I can't wait to help you work less and earn more

    • Your work is fire but the only people who know about you is other nail techs 

      ​Just because you’re work looks fantastic, doesn’t mean you’re going to have clients rushing to book appointments.  

      I'm here to give you the key to unlock you darkest shame and deepest frustration  — in photos your work is stunning, but you just can't seem to grow your business.


      You have worked hard to perfect your skills but something is still missing.  This club is what will help you learn the business skills to make your business BOOM! 




    • New Monthly Ad Template To Get You More Clients

    • Monthly Critique Sessions To Help You Grow As A Technician

    • Monthly Q & A Session To Answer Your Questions

    • New Monthly Training Sessions For Business & Technical Growth 

    • A Safe Space For Inspiration And Collaboration Within Our Facebook-Hosted Community

    Carly is such a hands on teacher and really helps with any questions you have. The course layout is easy to follow and understand. It's  definitely worth every cent, can't recommend this course enough


    She is a true industry leader with a no BS attitude. Carly is extremely well educated, knowledgable, and more importantly, well established and engaged in/with the nail industry.


    The ultimate step-by-step training that shows you HOW to attract new clients, WHAT to say to get them to book and most importantly WHY your clients will want to book months in advance.

    Do you ever wish you had someone to guide you?

    Someone who has been there and done that?

    Someone who knows first hand the struggles you are experiencing?

    Both technically and mentally?

    I remember feeling so alone after I finished my nail training.

    I still had so many questions but nobody I trusted to give me the correct answers.

    I was so critical of myself.


    I didn't have anyone in my corner sharing their experiences and pointing out where I could improve.

    Instead I went around and around in circles, second guessing every step I took.


    I practised a lot.

    But practising the wrong techniques would still cause problems no matter how many times I did it.

    I didn't want to post my questions is nail tech groups because I was afraid of the judgement.


    I knew my work wasn't the best but I couldn't cope with strangers tearing me down either.

    I felt


    I knew I needed to do something to move forward but I had no idea what to do next.

    I thought I was in business.


    I had a few clients, but all I had was a SUPER expensive hobby.

    I had spent soooo much money on products and equipment but I was getting nowhere fast.

    I needed a mentor.

    I needed someone to critique my work and show me what I needed to do.

    ​I needed someone to answer my questions.

    I needed someone I could trust.

    Someone who knew exactly how I was feeling to give me guidance and support.


    Someone who could tell me where I was going wrong but also show me how to fix it.

    I needed to not feel so alone.


    I needed to start making $$$$ too.

    Sound familiar?

     I thought so.


    I want you to know you no longer need to feel alone, I want to help you.

    The doors for The 2K Club are now open.

    The goal?

    To get you making at least 2K a month.


    By giving you the exact templates I used to bring in over
    70 new clients a month over and over again.


    By critiquing your work and teaching you what to look for and how to fix the mistakes you are making.


    By answering your questions.

    And most importantly building your confidence. 

    It’s time you stopped feeling so alone.


    Waiting for you is a community of uplifting techs who want nothing more than for you to succeed.


    Are you ready to choose it?

    All our prices are inclusive of GST & come with a 7 day Money Back Guarantee

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    The mentor. The wealth creation strategist. The nail tech.

    She's been in the world of marketing for over 10 years, and, a nail tech for 4. She's been a busy girl:

    • Reaching over $100K in sales in just over 12 months after finishing her nail training.

    • Featured on 

    • Managing my team of nail technicians & beauty therapists

    • Traveled to Budapest in 2019 for International Educator Training with Brillbird

    • Received first place in the 2018 HBIA Nail Competition

    • Founded The Elite Nail Academy

    • Helped 100's of nail techs start creating highly profitable businesses without entering into a price war with competitors. 

    Speaking of prices, wanna think about the price of not joining? 

    How much money are you leaving on the table every time you fumble a pricing inquiry?

    How many potential customers are you letting down because nobody knows you exist


    How frustrated are you knowing you're not getting anywhere fast? 


    What is it going to cost you when you decide to give up and sell everything and find a new career? 


    Food for thought, love. 

    Food for thought.

    And because I really give a FAQ